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SimsBuildHousesGo to youtube and search SimsBuildHouses. I have just started to make videos. First subscriber gets there name in the next video!2 years 10 months ago
willow298it not my birthday yet2 years 11 months ago
EG jrI installed sims 3 supernatural, but the icon won't show up. And when I open the game it's content isn't there! WHY???2 years 11 months ago
erikaThe little red shoes are something to do with children - usually Sims with the "Family Oriented" trait will think about little kid's tennies. :-)2 years 11 months ago
MeaganWhat does the little red shoes in thought bubble mean?2 years 11 months ago
hulbert12is there anyway i can set what hard drive the sims updates go to? because in the launch screen i couldnt find one3 years 3 weeks ago