Cows come to The Sims 3

If you already have horses (thanks to Pets) and chickens (thanks to the Country Livin' set), then your farm will truly only be complete once you get cows, right?
Unlike its close relative the Cow Plant, actual cows do not kill and eat people. They are available with the Farm Fresh Folk set, which is currently on sale for 1,200 SimPoints ($12) marked down from its usual price of 1,400 SimPoints ($14).
The set includes the Milkin' It Dairy Corral. It seems that this will function in much the same way as the chicken coop, meaning that you will have only limited interactions with the cows. You will not be able to ride, customize, or control them the way that you can horses. 
The Milkin' It Dairy Corral is an Outdoor item which (once you buy and install the set) can be found in Buy Mode sorted by room in Outdoor Activities, or sorted by function under Décor -> Sculpture. It appears to have two cows, but it seems that you will only be able to interact with one of them.
In addition to feeding and milking the cow, you can also play a game of Tic-Tac-Hoof. And apparently those cows are pretty good at the game! Sims with the Genius trait or high Logic skill will probably be able to win against the cow. Other Sims may not be so lucky.
The cow can give various forms of milk, including chocolate milk and soy milk. Cows can even give milkshake, although it seems that you will need to successfully tip over the cow (thus shaking it, get it?) in order to gain access to milkshakes.
You can feed the cow either chocolate or vegetables. I assume that feeding the cow chocolate will make it produce chocolate milk, since that is how it works in the real world.
And finally, you can turn the milk into cheese. I suspect that this would be a good way to earn extra money, since my guess is that the cheese will sell for more than the cost of the milk. Perfect for those Sims who are on a tight budget, or playing a frontier challenge.
The only real problem with this set is EA's continued insistence on nickel-and-diming us to death. This is a game which is about to sunset with the arrival of Sims 4 in early 2014, and yet we are still getting shaken down for more money at every turn. Why not include the cows and the chickens in the same set? Heck, why not include them with the Pets expansion pack? Because $$$$. I don't begrudge EA the ability to make money off its game. I am happy to support the franchise. But there's a limit, you know?

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Thanks for the post. I've been trying to figure out if I have the chickens or not. I wanted to buy the entire farm but didn't want to pay that price. I totally agree that the prices on the Sims Store are ridiculous. I also hate how now they are making you buy the entire set instead of the one item you really want. I only wanted the cows but ended up with all the furniture that came with it also. I can tell you one thing, I am never buying Sims 4. I invented a small fortune in Sims 3!

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