Picking Sims 3 wildflowers for fun and profit

This Seasons feature can mean big bucks!

One of the many new features that comes with the Seasons expansion pack is the existence of wildflowers. These join the ranks of gems, rocks, and insects as collectibles that can bring in lots of Simoleons if you set out to find and sell them. Although unlike the other collectibles, wildflowers do not show up on the Collection Helper Lifetime Reward object. This can make them harder to find, but the challenge is worth it!

Wildflowers are most easily found in spring, when they seem to bloom everywhere. Of course, there is a down side: your Sim may get allergies from the wildflowers; if so, you can send them to the hospital for an allergy shot to be cured. (I'm jealous… I basically have a lifetime spent on Claritin.) Allergies also cause a negative moodlet that can last for up to 10 days (sounds about right). I have heard that allergies can be made worse by putting the wildflowers in vases around your house, but I have not tested this myself.
Wildflowers spawn randomly on other spawn sites. According to Carl's Sims 3 Guide, spawners for rocks, gems, etc have a 25% chance to spawn wildflowers in the spring. However, I have found wildflowers elsewhere, and in other seasons. But as a general rule, you will want to start looking at other spawn sites. Wildflowers will last for 5 days before something else spawns in their place.
The most common wildflower is the Daisy, which sells for only $5. But the price goes up, with the top contender being Cosmos at a staggering $600. Obviously if you need cash fast, you will want to keep an eye out for those Cosmos! (Cosmoses? Cosmii?)
Wildflowers cannot (so far as I know) be gardened at home like other plants. Although they may appear at random on your lot, it's too bad that you can't sow them to make your lawn look either super seedy or like a beautiful wildflower carpet. I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers hiring a gardener in The Sims to tend all the flower plots around the property!
Because wildflowers spawn at normal spawn points, your Sim gets double the opportunity to make money. If you go around collecting everything that can be collected, it will (I presume) help the spawners spawn faster. And each time they spawn, there's a chance of wildflowers. Your Sim will be swimming in wildflowers before they know it!

Image courtesy Flickr/pepperazzi

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