Sims 2: Inventory, Your Secret Friend!

Over the weekend, I decided that my generational challenge family (we're up to the letter G) would lose all their money in the stock market, move out of their ancestral home, and start over. Of course, I wanted them to take a few items with them when their house went into foreclosure and they had to leave. Specifically, I wanted them to keep the Cow Plant (because I'm basically making Makoto immortal) and their collection of family photobooth portraits, one of each generational couple. As you probably know by now, when you move a family out of a home, all of their possessions are sold. This means that all of the contents of the home are deleted, and their cash equivalent added to your family's net worth. If you pop back into the home after the family has moved out, you will see that it has been stripped bare of everything that is found outside the Construction panel (e.g. walls, wallpaper, windows, etc). So how to let my Sims take their prized possessions with them during these trying times? Inventory! It seems to me that the Inventory system is sorely under-used by many Sims players. To get to Inventory, click the backpack icon at the far right of your Sims control panel. The game will pause itself while you poke around in there. You may find many items already in your Sim's inventory - this is where the cell phone goes, when you buy one on a community lot. It's also where the game puts fish caught by fishing Sims, and produce harvested by gardening Sims. Inventory is one of the few in-game features that has no real world equivalent. You can put anything into Inventory, no matter how big. And although I haven't tested this, there seems to be no practical limit to the number of things you can add to Inventory. Uses for Inventory:
  • If you are going to move a Sim out, but you want them to take along a larger share of the family's wealth, Inventory is the solution! Buy a very expensive item, and stick it in your Sim's Inventory. After they have moved into their new home, take the item out of their Inventory and place it in their home. Then switch over to Buy mode and sell the item.
  • Take advantage of "Give Gift…" If you need to transfer something from one house to another, or from one family to another, use a Sim as a "pack mule." Simply put the item into that Sim's Inventory, then invite over the target Sim. Once the target Sim arrives on your lot, have your pack mule Sim give the item to them as a gift.
  • Food for the hapless! Meals can be put into Inventory, and they apparently never go bad. Fix several plates of food, stick them into your Sim's Inventory, then venture off to a community lot or college without fear.
  • Packing up items for the move. This is how I brought the Cow Plant and family portraits over to the new Alphabetti house. I stuck them all into Makoto's inventory, then moved the family out without worry.
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    I can hardly put anything into my sims invetories. Whenever I pick up an item, I see... just the sims inventories. It doesn't show a picture of the item or the title, just other items in my sims inventory. I can pick up puddles, and some furniture items, but I can't pick up food. Help!

    Ooh, that doesn't sound right!  Have you ever used cheats in the past, that you forgot to turn off?  Try going into the cheats window (ctrl + shift + C) and typing:


    moveobjects off

    testingcheatsenabled off

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    I rarly use those cheats anyway. I always turn them off, cause I need to to place driveways and make sure my game doesn't crash.