Sims 3 Master Romancer: Part Two

Vicky Lee's love life

Vicky Lee has already romanced two Sims in a short amount of time.  Yet that is not enough to satisfy her.  She wants to become a Master Romancer, and in order to reach that lifetime goal she needs to work her charms on three more Sims.  Not only that, but she also must find a unique location to 'woohoo' with each one of them.

While chilling at one of Bridgeport’s parks, Vicky Lee ran into Buster Rounds.  She introduced herself in a charming fashion.  Then quickly became friends with him.  The next day, Vicky invited Buster to meet her at the theatre.  Once there, Vicky used her hopeless romantic trait to help her quickly become Buster’s romantic interest.  Next she suggested that they tour the theatre together and woohooed with him there.

Vicky’s now more than halfway toward her goal.  To celebrate her successes in romance, she decided to party at a local dancing club.  That was when she met Wayne Bumble, and started flirting away.  She must have left quite an impression on Wayne, because he came over to visit her soon after that initial meeting.  They chatted and flirted, then ended the date by woohooing in the elevator of Vicky’s apartment building.

After their successful date together, Vicky received an invitation from Wayne to go to his house party.  Vicky opted to go since she figured it was an easy way to meet someone new.  At the party, Vicky met Wayne’s roommate—Pin Yin.  They jammed together, and got along easily. 

A few days later, Vicky asked if Pin wanted to hangout together with her.  Pin agreed, and stopped by shortly after.  Vicky flirted as usual, and the two hooked up in Vicky’s shower.  So there you have it.  That’s how Vicky Lee became Bridgeport’s Master Romancer.


Image courtesy of The Sims 3 PC game.


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That was great, I like the way you made and wrote that up. It's fun to read! The only problem though is that you could've put much more pictures in the story, and make everything longer. That was WAY too short!

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