The Sims 3 Video Camera

One of the new objects introduced with the Generations expansion pack is a video camera that your Sims can use to record their various moments. I have to tell you, though, that it's driving me batty trying to figure this thing out and get it to work!
The video camera can be found under Electronics in Buy Mode. You may also want to buy a hard drive for it. The hard drive allows the video camera to take longer videos, and store more of them. I'm not really sure how this works, from a real-world perspective. I guess it's like the video game system that just has to be placed in proximity to a television in order to work!
The hard drive looks like a small computer tower or external hard drive, and should be placed near a television. The video camera goes into your Sim's inventory, where you click to use it just like you do the still camera from Adventures.
Here is where the trouble starts. The entire point of the video camera is to capture the exciting moments in your Sim's life. Not to point out the obvious, but this means that the video camera has to be in the hands of a third party. For example, if Alice Sim and Bob Sim are going to get married, their wedding needs to be recorded by Carol Sim, who has to be a playable Sim, a teenager or older, who lives in your household.
Then there's the matter of getting the timing right. As with the camera and capturing an image to use for your Sim to paint a portrait, the game keeps running while your video camera rolls. You are reduced to just a few keyboard controls to position and operate the camera. Click to film too early, and your camera runs out before the "good part" happens. Click to film too late, and you've missed the moment while you were fiddling with the controls.
I guess that's pretty much the way video cameras work in real life, too. I sure wish they would give you a longer record time, and possibly the ability to edit your videos as well.
After all my struggling I finally was able to record a video. It showed up in my Sim's inventory as a disk. And guess what? Before I could play it back to them on the television, the television broke. IT FIGURES.
I gave up at that point, but I'll let you know if I'm able to make any progress in the future!

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