Sims 3 World Adventures: Egypt Travel Guide

Egypt is the final country in our exhaustive tour of the three worlds. And frankly, that's because it's the one I find least interesting. Although the monuments are suitably striking, the landscape (being mostly sand) is pretty boring. And I have never gotten very drawn in by the adventures themselves, which is Egypt's strong suit.

But if you are looking for adventures, tombs to raid, and mummies to kill (or be converted by), then Egypt is the place for you. A Sim can't throw a rock in Egypt without hitting a tomb!

Out of the three worlds, Egypt is the least developed in the real estate sense of the world. I advise that you buy a tent and a bunch of food at the general store before you depart. Everything is very far away, and you have to travel most of the distance on foot. This means that the intrepid adventurer is liable to get tired far from base camp. A tent lets you sleep where you are, instead of wasting time running back and forth. You can also camp out in tombs, and not have to worry about retracing your steps the next day.

Photography is Egypt's other specialty. (This seems a little random, compared to martial arts in China and winemaking in France, but whatever.) If your Sim is interested in photography, then you will want to be sure to buy one of the two nicer cameras which are available at the general store. These cost more than the little cheap-o snapshot cameras you can buy in the other worlds. But they take nicer pictures, which are worth more money.

Luckily for the budding photographer, it must be said that Egypt's locations are visually striking. The sight of a foot-lit pyramid against the night sky, or standing before the sphinx at dusk are really beautiful.

While you're shopping, pick up the Egyptian incense burner. It negates stress while it's burning. This is great for writer Sims, because if you plonk it down on the desk beside them, they will be able to work on their novels for a LOT longer. (Eventually they will give in to hunger, bladder, or loneliness. But not before getting a lot more writing done than if the incense burner wasn't alleviating their stress.)

(You can also buy a snake basket and learn how to charm snakes. But frankly, having done it a few times, I don't really see the point. Unless you want to heal the mummy's curse, obviously.)

Food: Falafel and shawarma are the special foods in Egypt. You can order them from the food vender, and buy recipe books to learn how to make them yourself.

Fruit: Cherries and pomegranates are native to Egypt. In fact, cherries in Egypt are the ONE special fruit that you cannot harvest from the secret garden in France.

Fish: You can catch crocodiles and mummy fish here.

Insects: Crypt Moth, Cleopatra Butterfly, and Scarab Beetle.

Rocks: Copper, Mummitomium, Alabaster, and Turquoise.

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Michael Redfox's picture

Michael Redfox

I've to agree, Egypt in Sims 3 got to be the most boring location to design. The developers could've emphasized the designs during Cleopatra's era which will give us more designs ideas and colors to play with rather than the sand and palm trees. :/ Although when you travel to Egypt, you can see lots of pyramids and plain sand but it's far from being boring compared to the game - in fact, the country is beautiful in its unique way.