Supernatural: Where is my Sims 3 peashooter?

You have to download the PVZ content separately.

If you pre-ordered the Supernatural expansion pack, you - like a lot of other players - including myself - might be hunting around Build and Buy mode, looking for the special Plants Vs Zombies content. This included the peashooter, immortalized by PVZ and now available to help fend off zombie attacks on your Sims 3 property.

So where is the peashooter? Short answer: you have to download it separately.
When you received your notice from Origin that your Supernatural expansion pack was ready for download, you would have actually received three emails. One of those was about the expansion pack itself. And the other two were for the special free-with-presale Plants Vs Zombies content. 
Once you find those emails, log into the official Sims 3 website. Go to The Store -> My Store Account and click on "Redeem A Code."

Type in the license key from the email you received from Origin. Then you will be able to download the peashooter from your My Store Account -> Purchase History page. (Note: it may take a while for your PVZ content to show up here, after you enter the license key. It took about 15 minutes for me. The time often varies depending on how busy their site is.)
Click to download the two content packs. One is a décor pack, and the other has zombie outfits plus your peashooter. This will open up your Launcher. Go to the Downloads tab on the Launcher, tick the box beside the content pack, and click Install. 
Once this content has been installed, you can find your Sims 3 peashooter in Buy Mode. The easiest way is to click to sort by room, then go to Outdoor -> Activities (football). The peashooter is listed there, and costs $585.
I have not yet had a chance to use my peashooters against a zombie attack. But I installed several and played with them for a bit. Each peashooter takes up a surprising amount of floor space: 6x2 floor tiles. If you planned to plant your peashooters inside your garden, you will need a big lot!
The peashooters are darned cute, though. They have the same animation as they do in the PVZ game: that hypnotic, constant bobbing motion. And your Sims can play catch with them, which improves your Sim's Fun motive.
I look forward to repelling a zombie assault with my new line of defense!

Screenshot copyright EA/The Sims 3


Mrs. Snuffleupagus's picture

Mrs. Snuffleupagus

I'm kind of intrigued; what is the easiest, cheapest way to get Supernatural if you don't even own a Sims game?

You have to get the base game (Sims 3) first, then install the Supernatural expansion pack as an add-on. The base game costs about $50, and the expansion packs are around $40. Although you can sometimes pick them up at used game stores, or used copies at places like Amazon and eBay.

And of course, there's always the internet! Sims 3 has gone down in the history books as one of the most pirated games of all time.

Sarrenn's picture


I don't pay over $40.00 for a base game/expansion pack and the stuff packs are between $20.00 - $30.00, where do you live for the pricing to be that outrageous?!?!? Even buying the games online directly through EA, they are NOT $50.00!!! I bought supernatural for $39.99 directly online through EA for the digital download!! The Sims 3 base game has been out long enough that it will not be $50.00.

Chloe's picture


I bought my game from amazon (limited edition) can I still get the peashooter? it is the only reason i pre-ordered.

I'm sure you can, and the basic workflow is probably about the same. Although since I didn't order from Amazon, I'm not sure of the specifics.

My guess is that they send you the serial key, which you then have to plug into the website. 

Roza's picture


as the subject says it all... I tried to do as you stated but i could only get the the clothes pack.. I pre-ordered the game like months in advance for the peashooter and didn't get it, what should i do?

If you ordered from Origin at least (not sure about Amazon and others) they would have sent two emails, each with a different serial number. One email has the serial number for the clothes and stuff, the other has the serial number for the premium content (i.e. peashooter).

My advice is check your email - it could be in Spam, or it could be attached to the end of the first email.

The peashooter was only available as a special promo if you pre-ordered Supernatural. But keep an eye on the official Sims 3 store, you never know, they might list it for sale as a standalone item some day.

stephon's picture


if you want to receive your peashooters contact mythic support cause i found they are the only ones that can help you get it for the game why i called in twice to get mine if that helps anyone from being frustrated cause they are the only ones that can unlock it for you :)

lauren's picture


I bought it in a game shop but it has the limited edition thing on it and a code for the stuff in but I can't get the peashooter

Sophie's picture


Thank you verry much for the link, bin looking for it for ages. Cheers

Kristy's picture


I bought the game in Asda, so does that mean I can't get a peashooter??

Sim Player 's picture

Sim Player

I ordered Supernatural from Origin and got the download play. When I ordered, it said Supernatural plus Origin Exclusive Plants vs. Zombies™ Décor Pack. Only two different serial numbers and no premium content. Was I not able to partake in the premium content even though I downloaded from Origin? I was sure I was getting the peashooter, which Is why I ordered it this way. I would really like the peashooter. Please help?

Heidi Shire's picture

Heidi Shire

i did all that still not getting the code i didnt pre order i bought the game in wallmart what the heck I mean origin says code is invalid or doesn't work of course because I used to for the installitation now cause of my pc crach I need to reuse and it still wont let me stupid stupid need help

Boski's picture


i really want this games but i didn't get any other sim games does it really matter? If possible if you could explain to me

Awesome's picture


Has anyone actually checked your laucher if you brought it? It's probably in there but not your game.Happened to me...

Person's picture


I didn't pre-order, but it says 'plants vs zombies limited edition' on the cover. How can I get it?

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