Zenyatta Horse Gnomes in Sims 3 Pets

They're everywhere!


If you have the Pets expansion pack, you may have noticed the new horse gnomes. And I say that tongue in cheek, because if you have played Pets for more than five minutes, you probably have a horse gnome. They are everywhere!
Traditionally, you had to go out and hunt gnomes. You could find them in the tombs, make one on the mad scientist bench, split them out of space rocks on the rock-breaking martial arts set, and so forth. It was an active process. You knew when you got a gnome. They didn't just, like appear out of nowhere.

(The exception to this is vampire gnomes. A vampire gnome would often appear on your property if you grow a plasma fruit bush. And if you have a vampire gnome on your property, and you leave a teddy bear unattended, the vampire gnome will convert it into another vampire gnome. How fiendish!)
The horse gnomes are called "Zenyatta," named after the champion racehorse who blew away the records by winning 19 consecutive races in a row. They are small blood bay horses (red-brown coats with black tails), marked with four white socks and a white blaze on the face. Each one wears a red pointed gnome cap with a yellow horseshoe on the front, and - most peculiarly of all - a lemon yellow jacket with a white collar. 
The Zenyattas strike a number of horsy poses. I have seen them curled up asleep on the floor, leaping over a small white jump, rearing, and trotting. They also follow the same flocking behavior as the other gnomes on my property. Invariably they are all clustered together somewhere outside.
In addition, the Zenyattas can leave produce around for your horses.
Zenyatta gnomes spawn when your horse or unicorn uses a salt lick. Each time your horse uses a salt lick for 80 minutes, there is a chance that Zenyatta will spawn. This chance increases by .2% for every 20 additional minutes your horse uses the salt lick. 
Something about the spawning rules seems to create a lot more Zenyattas than any other gnome. People online report having as many as 15 at a time! They can really become a problem if you get the Celestial Salt Lick Lifetime Happiness reward, because horses use it more often than the regular salt lick, and for a longer period of time.
Luckily, each Zenyatta is worth $1,000 so if you find yourself with a surplus, you can make a tidy bit of cash by selling them!
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16!!! That might be a new record!

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A Persom

Its weird that i actually made the hosre zenyatta in the game and when i started racing her, i started to find them. now THATS creepy.

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I have ten zenyattas crowded around a regular gnome but the gnome is lying on the ground with one hand on his chest like he is dead or dying. I took a picture of it but can't get it on here, sorry. Now I'm afraid of these things. Creepy. Unlessnthey were paying their last respects to the mysterious Mr. Gnome! :)

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They are multiplying rapidly... but that's what I get for having 3 horses (actually 2 unicorns) and a celestial salt lick.  They also seem to have taken a liking to my new garden.  Within a day of planting it seems that almost every zenyatta on my property is circling my plants.  I'm actually a little worried they might destroy the plants when I'm not looking (just like the horses tend to do).

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I wonder if selling these 1000 simolean horses would count twards the advancement of my jockey career, since my only directives are to win race prize money, charging for Stud Service (the horse, not me) and Selling Horses! Technically, the Zenyatta is a horse. A small one, but a horse that sells for good change. Too bad I never play polititian careers or I'd write myself a loophole for the horse. Oh well. I guess I should get back to cleaning out the stables where I like to play a game called: Dear God - What's That Smell?!?

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I have 1 horse and 1 unicorn.When i first moved them into the house they licked the saltlick,and that was the only time they've gone near it.When my unicorn gave birth,that when i noticed the Zenyatta(At first i thought it was a flower xD)


So yeah,i don't think saltlicks the only way.


Also,does anyone else find the Ice-cream van a little creepy? x)

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I have two horses (1 unicorn) and two zenyattas and they're creeping me out!! The first time i saw one of these zenyattas was when my horse was taking a drink from the water trough, the horse moved and there it was, the zenyatta was standing infront of the water trough like it was taking a drink. The next time i saw the zennyatta was when both my horse and my unicorn were chasing each other in the backyard, I looked into the front yard and there they were again, TWO zenyattas that looked liked they were chasing each other.... they seem to be doing whatever my horses are doing at the time that they decide to move around. I'm working on getting another unicorn now and if i get 3 zenyattas, im going to freak out!

25 ZENYATTAS's picture


I HAVE 25 zenyattas!!!!!!!!!!! NO JOKE There r 23 horses and 2 dogs i have 3 horses and 1 unicorn in my game. I keep all of them that come and i name them i dont sell them because i think they r too cute!!!!!!

ZENyETTA H8tr.....'s picture

ZENyETTA H8tr.....

I don't know whether to hate these creepy things or not!?!?! I only have 1 lol I only use it as decoration for my yard, a table, etc. LOL

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The Utterly Sca...

If this is correct and that they spawn when a horse/unicorn uses a salt lick, now I realized why I'm seeing these "Zenyetta"s spawn like crazy. I have 3 unicorns and 3 celestial salt licks. Whoop-dee-doo, and I really wanted to get rid of these things once and for all D: