Music In The Sims 3

I was recently playing along, minding my own business, when one of my Sims switched their radio to the Pop channel.  I was quite startled to hear a song that I recognized (I liked it enough that I had purchased it on iTunes the week before) but in Simlish, of course!

Ever since the early days, The Sims franchise has gone the extra mile with the music on the available in-game radio stations.  EA tapped some impressive name-brand recording artists to record versions of their songs in Simlish for The Sims 3.  Even more "real" songs were added with the World Adventures expansion pack.

World Adventures is where Esmee Denters' version of "Outta Here" in Simlish came from.  If you listen closely, you may also hear chart topping songs by:

Pixie Lott, "Mama Do" hear it in English - in Simlish.
Nelly Furtado, "Manos Al Aire" hear it in English - in Simlish.
Rise Against, "Savior" will come with the next expansion pack Ambitions.  Hear it in English - in Simlish (Ambitions trailer).

LeAnn Rimes -  "You've Ruined Me" English - Simlish (Pop)
Fefe Dobson -  "I Want You" English - Simlish (Pop)
Katie Melua -  "If the lights go out" English - Simlish (Pop)
Madina Lake -  "Lets Get Outta Here" English - Simlish (Indie)
Manchester Orchestra -  "I've Got Friends" English - Simlish (Indie)
Natalie Portman's Shaved Head -  "Me + Yr Daughter" English - Simlish
Esme Denters -  "Outta Here" English - Simlish (Pop)
Hot Chelle Rae -  "Say" English - Simlish (Indie)
Audrye Sessions -  "Turn Me Off" English - Simlish (Indie)
Metalkpretty -  "Wake Up, Wake Up" English - Simlish (Indie)
Evan Taubenfeld -  "Pumpkin Pie" English - Simlish (Pop)
Friday Night Boys -  "Can't Take That Away" English - Simlish (Pop)
Cassie Steele -  "Summer Nights" English - Simlish (Pop)

Other songs seem to exist only in Simlish versions.  Some that I have tracked down so far are:

Eric Pressley, "Da Linnip"
Eric Pressley, "Feewa Foona Wabee"
Eric Pressley, "Podie Tie" (Indie station)
Darrell Brown, "Na Maa" (Kids station OH GOD MAKE IT STOP)
Ladytron "She Stepped Out of the Car" (Electronic Station)

And a third category of songs exist only in English versions!  You can find these in MP3 format if you go to Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Custom Music

Floor Thirteen, "Blame it On Me"
Ladytron, "Ghosts"
Young Dre the Truth, "I Love LA"
Pint Shot Riot, "Punches, Kicks, Trenches and Swords"
Bang Camaro, "Revolution"
Dexter Freebish, "The Other Side"
Datarock, "True Stories"

You can add your own custom music to The Sims 3 simply by putting the MP3 into the Custom Music folder (alongside those English-only songs listed above).  These songs will play on the "Custom Music" station on your Sims' radios.  

It's fun to put your own music into The Sims 3!  And after all, with all the hours you spend playing it, don't you think their radio should play YOUR music?

One thing I haven't figured out is how to extract the in-game songs in MP3 format.  What if I want to listen to the Simlish version of "Mama Do" once in a while?  They must be in there somewhere, but damned if I can find them!

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Another song that I love was Double Vision by 3OH!3 that is on the radio from Sims 3 :) Enjoy!!!

That's a great one, too! I need to update for the music they added in the Late Night expansion pack, they dropped some good stuff in there!

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I almost ALWAYS have my station on Pop. Love the fact it has Cooler Than Me on there. :) But....there is a song on there, I have NO idea WHAT it is, but the beat is SO catchy. Really wish I knew what it was. I'd like to get the song.

Next time you're playing, queue up the song on the radio, then take some video. Upload the video then post a link here, and I bet we can figure out which song it is for you!

It's not ringing a bell, sorry! (Ha!) If you can record some in-game video with the song playing, upload it to YouTube, and send me a link, I'll check it out and see if I can find out which song it is for you!

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I love how they play real music on there, and earlier today I heard the song 'Shark in the Water' being played.

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I always thought alll of the songs were jibberish until my friend recognised American Trash by Innerpartysystem. cool cool.

You're kind of both right! Only a few of the songs were written specifically for the game. 90% are real songs that were re-recorded with the singers singing gibberish (Simlish) instead of the lyrics. 

It's fun to run across the songs in real life!

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Every Minute, Every Second, Every Hour of the Day by Cody Simpson.

it was so damn catchy i had to look it up. its the one that goes ey-yey-yey-yey xD 


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I want Avenged Sevenfold and other rock bands to re-record for this game

It just seems funny to me if I were to hear "A little Piece of Heavan" in simlish...really XD

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this one got me hooked pretty good on the Hiphop channel (but i have the 3DS version so... not sure if you guys have it).

i looked around for mp3, but found only a few posting on youtube. sadly, the way the artist sings on those videos are appalling. he's just shouting monotonously, like dictating the lyrics or something.

 i'm still letting the songs grow on me before i take note of them.

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I love that song from Ladytron - Ghosts... At first I thought that it is in simlish, but then I figured out that it is actually in english. I was pretty surprised, because usually I didn't hear any english words in sims 3. Now I finally have that song.