Sims 3 Transportation

There are a lot of new ways to get around in The Sims 3 - and a lot of odd quirks, tips, tricks, what have you!  I thought I would take the time to go through all the ways your Sim can get around:

Teleport: This is the most expensive Lifetime Happiness reward available.  It costs 75,000 Lifetime Happiness reward points!  It lets your Sims instantly teleport off to a location of your choosing.  Once they are done, your Sims can use their cell phone to "Teleport Home."

Tip: If you have a Sim with a high enough Handiness skill, set them to work upgrading the Teleport Pad to be 100% reliable.  

Jogging: Sims with enough Athletic skill can go jogging.  Although you have to specifically tell them to do it, rather than just sending them off to jog, as was the case in Sims 2.  Just choose a point on the map, and command your Sim to "jog here."  If you want your Sim to jog around town, just select several different points in a row.

Tip: if your Sim completes the "Marathon Runner" jogging challenge and jogs 500 kilometers, they will be granted a longer lifespan.  

The big difference between cars in Sims 2 and Sims 3 is that you can't Woo Hoo in a car now.  Boo!  Be sure to download and install the free Prius from the Sims 3 store.

Tip: Before you head out to another country on vacation, tuck a car into your backpack.  Your Sim will use it to move around the vacation destination.  So much faster than the options you find there!  (Especially in China - the way they insist on routing around the town in the center of the map DRIVES ME MAD.)

Bicycles: When I noticed that you could buy a bike in Sims 3, I thought it would be handy if your Sim is really broke.  Then I realized that cars are pretty cheap (relative to Sims 2 cars), and that the taxi ride is free anyway!  So I'm not exactly sure why you would buy your Sim a bicycle, unless you just wanted to for the fun of it.

Tip: a lot of people can't get the bicycle out of their Sim's inventory.  You have to buy a bike stand, and then you can drop the bike onto the stand.

Zeneport: Once your Sim's martial arts skills are high enough, they can zeneport!  This is hardly the most efficient means of travel, because you have to meditate for 1.5 to 2 hours before you get the option to zeneport.  But it's fun!  Zeneport works just like teleport - click a spot on the map, and choose "Zeneport Here."  In a green sparkly swirl, your Sim will be transported to the new spot.

Tip: The more you meditate, the better you get at it!  If you complete the "Master of Meditation" skill challenge by meditating for 150 hours, you will be able to zeneport after only meditating for half an hour.


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