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3 Ways Sims Freeplay Feels Weird

Sims will Woo Hoo with each other right there in the living room while their neighbors sit on the couch watching their television. (Kinky!)


If you have been playing the Sims franchise of games for very long (I started in February, 2000) you get a feel for how they work. Having played Sims Freeplay for a few weeks, here are some of my more in-depth reactions to some of the odder bits of the game.
1. No free will
Sims Freeplay is frequently compared to a Tamagotchi, and the comparison is apt. If you leave your little Sims or simply neglect their needs for too long, bad things happen. They have zero free will. Left to their own devices, they will simply stand right where you last put them, stinking, starving, exhausted, and having to pee. They won't lift a finger to help themselves, which can feel frustrating to an experienced Simmer.

Can a Sim die in Freeplay? I haven't tested this yet, but I suspect not. Because it would be too easy for them to die. If death was on the table, every time you left your game for more than a few days, you would come back to a town full of dead Sims. That would sure make players angry!
2. No shame or sense of home
Freeplay lacks the programming logic that tells Sims who their friends and family members are, and which home they live at. (According to a splash screen tip, Sims are supposed to earn more when they perform an action on their home lot. That's not the case in my game, but I'm not sure if the tip is wrong, or my game is just broken. Even odds, there.)
As a result, Sims will Woo Hoo with each other right there in the living room while their neighbors sit on the couch watching their television. (Kinky!) You can have a complete stranger showering in the bathroom, and send another Sim in to use the toilet, and no one will complain. Strangers will even share beds with each other without complaint. 
I want to say "they're like animals," but animals know whose bed is whose!
This is convenient for the player. But it's also a little disconcerting.
3. Prices fluctuate wildly
In most of the Sims games, the price of something is its price, end of story. (Not counting celebrity discounts or sales at the bookstore, of course.) But in Sims Freeplay, the cost to add a new Sim or build a town building varies depending on your player level and number of Sims. The higher your player level, and the more Sims you have, the more expensive everything becomes. (Which is why you shouldn't add more Sims until the game tells you to!)