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Checking in with my Legacy Challenge

I'm a bit stuck in the "dead zone"

 I'm on the second generation of my Sims 4 Legacy Challenge family on Xbox One, and I'm a bit stuck in the "dead zone." My heir recently aged up to Young Adult, so it's time to find him a mate. But he is also at the bottom of his career ladder, so he has very little free time to go chatting up the lads and ladies at the local bar.

(Actually, as I just typed that, I realized the sensible thing is to have him quit his job. At least until he finds a romantic partner. I'm so glad we had this conversation!)

I'm not really sure what to do with the spare heir. She's so cute, I would hate to lose her, but their house is still on the small side, so she won't be able to stay once the heir gets married and starts having kids. I guess in the mean time I'll have her take a job, so that the house has some kind of income source.

Beckett is doing pretty well with his comedy skill. He has an Excellent rated comedy routine called "Haircut Disasters," which the crowds seem to enjoy. And he's making tentative early steps to woo a girl named Baylee Vitale, who has shockingly red hair and a vintage 70s pants suit.

So far, so good! 


Image copyright EA/The Sims 4