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EA to kill the Sims 4 Gallery app?

I didn't even know it existed!

 Once again, I find out about something cool way too late. The Sims 4 Gallery is a free app for iOS 7.0 and higher, which allows you to take the Gallery with you wherever you go. (Or use the Gallery app on your phone while you're playing the game on your computer.)

This lets you view houses and families created by your friends, favorite new content to download later, and check out the stats on your own creations. It's a good way to get a little hit of the Sims if you're away from your computer and you're not playing The Sims Freeplay. 

(I have tried Freeplay several times, but I just don't dig it. Maybe I would like it better if I had an iPad instead of trying to play on my relatively tiny phone screen. Or maybe not... I've never managed to get hooked on any click-and-wait game, no matter how hard I try.)

Sadly, it seems that EA is pulling support for the Gallery app, and it may be getting pulled from the store in the next month or so. No word yet on whether existing Gallery users will be able to keep using it if they have already installed it.


Image courtesy Flickr/Gonzalo Baeza

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