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Finding your Sim a date

A retrospective

 My current Sim is having a tough time finding someone to go out with her. Although to be fair, I might be pushing her to come on to people inappropriately soon in their relationship because I think it's funny. As in, walking up to strangers and telling risque jokes. (Tee hee!)

But this is just an indicator of something I have noticed for a while: it seems like out of all the Sims games, romance is trickiest in The Sims 4. They really made it a challenge - sometimes it feels like too much of a challenge, honestly.

In the original Sims game, each Sim had a horoscope sign. This allowed you to judge their compatibility with other Sims, based on astrology. This was definitely convenient, and it had a pretty strong effect on your Sim's relationships. You knew that if you found someone single with a compatible sign, it was pretty much "All systems go."

In The Sims 2 and 3, things got a little more complicated. They dropped the horoscope system, but I still felt that some Sims had more compatibility than others. Some Sims seemed to "click," although there was no obvious reason why. Maybe it was just random chance, maybe there was a hidden underlying system we never learned about, or maybe I'm just reading too much into it.

Regardless of compatibility, all you had to do was spend 8 hours alternating between telling someone a joke and giving them a hug, and that relationship was pretty much in the bag. 

In The Sims 4, if you repeat your actions too many times, it's a real turn-off for the other Sim. You also have to keep an eye on moods - the mood of your Sim, and the mood of the Sim you're talking to. And even then, sometimes Sims just aren't feeling the love from your Sim, regardless of how charming she is. (Although it probably would help if I leveled up her Charisma.)

Any advice for me in the romance department? The clock is ticking for poor Blake, she has to get knocked up soon!


Image copyright EA/Maxis