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How to handle a lot of toddlers in The Sims 4

So many temper tantrums!

 I recently adopted six babies on a whim, and boy has this been a whirlwind. I did it for an Xbox achievement, and I assumed that Sim Child Protective Services would soon arrive to take away all my "extra" babies. But no - my Sims have been able to care for their babies just well enough to avoid having them taken away by Sim CPS. More's the pity.

All of the babies aged up, and I soon found myself with a house full of toddlers. It was a nightmare. Here's what I have learned about toddler care from my experience:

**Avoid the high chair.** It's a trap! You can just hand a toddler food. They don't have to eat in the high chair. It's cute to have them eat in the chair, but if your Sim wanders away (and they will), the toddler will end up stuck in the chair for hours as their needs quickly plummet.

**Hire a nanny. And keep hiring them.** The nanny was well worth the extra money. They manage to swoop in whenever a toddler's needs got too low, and prevent them from starving to death of whatever.

I just wish you could hire a live-in nanny, or one who shows up every day like the house cleaner. Instead, you have to remember to hire a nanny each day.

**The only thing you really need is a toddler bed.** You can get away without a high chair or a toddler potty, but toddlers absolutely need to have enough beds. 

Got any tricks of your own? Let us know!


Image courtesy Flickr/Will Scott