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It's Laundry Day!

Laundry Day stuff pack launches January 16th

 EA has published the official Laundry Day Stuff Pack trailer, and it looks intriguing. In The Sims 3, your Sims could get a buff from wearing clean clothes, and that seems to hold true in Sims 4 as well. But it also seems as if other Sims will be able to tell if your Sim is wearing dirty clothes, and they will have negative interactions as a result. ("Dude, you're rank!")

Laundry Day also includes a scrub tub and clothesline, for Sims who want to get back to nature - or who are just too plain poor to buy proper indoor laundry machines. 

EA seems to be leaning in to this "poverty" thing, because this Stuff Pack also includes a lot of furniture, clothing, and hairstyles which the company euphemistically calls "rustic."

Personally, I know this sounds a little weird, but I'm excited to see if laundry hampers make the same noise. I really loved the "thoomp thoomp thoomp" sound effect when your Sims tossed dirty laundry into the hamper.


Image courtesy Flickr/Remon Rijper

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