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The man who invented the Legacy Challenge - and the wife he met through Sims 2

I love everything about this story!

 Gita Jackson knocks it out of the park again with her most recent Sims article at Kotaku, which explores the fascinating story of Brian (a.k.a. Pinstar) and his now-wife Christina.

Brian is the man behind the original Sims Legacy Challenge. I have done so many Legacy Challenges over the years that I never really thought about the fact that it all must have started somewhere. Ground Zero of Sims Legacy Challenges is a forum post Brian made one night, after he had gotten bored playing Sims 2. He realized that the aspect of the game he liked the most was the Broke family, which starts off as two people with no job and a cruddy house.

Starting with nothing and working your way up quickly became Brian's favorite thing to do in the game. (It happens to be mine, too. I love deleting all their money and starting a Sim out with an empty lot and literally nothing else!) So he crafted his challenge and posted it to the forums, where it completely exploded.

Brian was in his early 20s and living at home at the time, so when he saw how popular the challenge became, he tried to figure out how he might be able to capitalize on this success. Eventually he decided to sell t-shirts, but no one was buying. He sold three of them to friends and family, then gave up on the idea.

That is, until a girl named Christina emailed and asked if he still had any t-shirts in stock. Christina was Brian's 4th customer, and it turned out she lived less than 20 minutes away. They met up at a public event in their area, and immediately clicked. They began dating, and got engaged a year later.

These days Christina and Brian don't have as much time for the game as they used to, now that they have jobs and kids. Christina maintains the official Sims Legacy Challenge website, and they are both looking forward to the upcoming Cats & Dogs expansion pack.

I have a second connection to this story - not only do I love the Legacy Challenge, but I met my boyfriend playing games, too. (Guild Wars 2, not The Sims. But still.) Gaming can really bring people together! 


Image of Brian and Christina's SimSelves courtesy The Legacy Challenge


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