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New Sims 4 update brings wider range of skin tones and curly hair

More options for your Sims!

 The Sims 4 has been criticized for lacking skin tone and hair options for black Sims, compared to white and medium-toned Sims. This latest update addresses those concerns, with 10 new skin tones, along with cool and warm undertones which you can add to your Sims.

The update also includes a new curly hair, which is a welcome addition for black Sims who have been stuck with either an afro, a fade, or "I give up, I'm going to pretend she got a weave."

Unfortunately, the new skin tones are not entirely without some technical difficulties, as Kotaku has noted.

Additionally, the patch includes a new anniversary shirt to commemorate the game's 18th anniversary, and a typically hilarious set of patch notes.


Image courtesy EA/The Sims 4

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