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Pets announced for The Sims 4

It looks amazing!

 The rumors were true - EA has announced The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs will be released this November. One of the most eagerly awaited expansion packs, the Sims 4 Pets will have everything we loved before, plus more:

Super fun colors! Look at the rainbow tabby. How much do you love the rainbow tabby? EA is really lifting the boring restrictions they had on previous pet colors.
Pet outfits! If you have ever wanted a ridiculous outfit for your dog or cat, your dream has just come true. EA has been showing off silly dog outfits like mad, and I love each and every one of them.
A new map! Brindleton Bay will be a pet-centric map, with lots of fun lots where you can take your pet for a stroll.
A new career! Become a veterinarian, build and staff your very own vet clinic. This sounds like it will work similar to restaurants and bars, but with a pet-friendly spin.
New game mechanics! You can train dogs to do complicated tricks, and only owners will be able to understand a pet's fears and desires. 
Complex interactions! Pets will react to each other in a more complex fashion. For example, a cat might react to a new dog by hiding on top of the refrigerator.

One thing missing from the expansion pack: Horses and unicorns. You might have noticed that the expansion pack is titled "Cats & Dogs," and that is exactly what you get: cats and dogs.


Image copyright EA/The Sims 4

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