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Planning a Legacy

It's a complicated decision-making process

 I'm two generations into what I plan to be a long dynasty of Sims. I'm starting out with the official Sims 4 Legacy Challenge, and then I'm planning to keep going to a full 26 generations. (There's an Xbox achievement for it, and I am all about Xbox achievements.)

When you start a legacy, there are a few questions you need to decide. For example, will you be using a naming convention? Naming conventions can save you time and effort finding names later on. 

I will be naming my Sims one letter for each generation - the first generation has names that start with A, the second generation's names start with B, and so forth. Other people name all their Sims after flowers, or colors, or anything else you like. 

Another decision you have to make is how you will designate the heir. Will it be the first-born child? Or your the one you like the most? Will you be alternating genders each generation (a male heir, followed by a female heir, etc). And will you allow adoption? (If not, you won't be able to have same-sex Sim couples, unless one of them gets lucky and is impregnated by an alien.)

What are your big concerns when you're starting a legacy or generational challenge?


Image courtesy Flickr/Tzushun Hsu