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Putting out a fire in The Sims 4

Putting out a fire in The Sims 4 It's trickier now!

 I remember the first time I was faced with a fire in The Sims 4. The smoke alarm went off, so I directed all my Sims outside, and hoped for the best. My concern turned to puzzlement, then eventually to panic, as their house continued to burn unabated. Finally I sent in one Sim (the one I liked the least) to extinguish the flames by hand. It was quite a harrowing experience - and quite a surprise!

In previous Sims games, the only item of fire safety gear you needed was a cheap smoke alarm. The alarm would alert Sims on the lot to the danger, and also summon the fire department (if you bought the nice one). In a pinch, you could call the fire department from a phone.

Some kind of societal collapse has obviously happened between The Sims 3 and The Sims 4, because there are no more firefighter NPCs. When a fire happens, you're on your own.

The first line of defense is to click on the fire and command a Sim to Extinguish it. This is risky, of course, because your Sim can catch fire.

If you have the Get to Work expansion pack, you can build a device that will put out the flames. Send your Sim to work in the Science lab to invent the Sim Ray, which can (among other things) extinguish fires easily and quickly.

And of course, you can cheat! This won't help with a current fire, but you can prevent any fires from happening in the future by using the cheat fire.toggle false which will turn off fires. To turn fires back on, use fire.toggle true.


Image courtesy Kotaku