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Sims 3 marriage proposals

Shouldn’t the boyfriend be able to propose?

With every Sim character that I play as, I try my best to help the Sim find a compatible mate.  Once I have helped my Sim to find that special someone, I then arrange for a marriage proposal to take place.  That way, I can get all excited about planning for the wedding.The thing that I hate about the Sims 3 is that the townies are unable to propose marriage to your Sim.  At first, I did not know this.  Therefore, I had my Sim, Vicky Lee, wait around for Bruce Chan to propose to her.  Eventually though, I realized that Vicky only had two choices. 

Either she can take it upon herself to propose marriage to him, or she can ask him to move in, and then have him propose marriage once they have already started living in the same household.  Being that I always prefer the male to be the one to get on one knee and propose, I had Vicky ask Bruce to move in with her. 

After Bruce moved in with Vicky, I was able to control him.  So it was not long before Bruce popped the ultimate question to Vicky.  She of course said yes, and I was able to get to the wedding planning.  However, the game would be a lot better for me if Bruce had been able to initiate the marriage proposal for himself.  It would have been more romantic.  Plus, it would make for a pleasant surprise for those of us playing the game. 

So what do you think?  Should townies be able to propose?  Or do you like things the way they are now?


Image courtesy of The Sims 3 PC game.


Shay's picture


I think they should be able to. My sim seems to always be a female, so it would be awesome if the townies can ask them their selves. Its awkward forcing my lady sim to get on one knee and propose :/

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