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Sims 4 console team working to add the Gallery

Hurry up please!

 One of the first things I noticed about The Sims 4 on console is that the game launched without access to the Gallery. This was a real shame, because the Gallery allows you to share your creations (both Sims and houses) with the world, browse other people's creations, and serves as an ad hoc save system if you want to put your home or family in "the cloud" for safekeeping.

I personally am incredibly lazy when it comes to building houses. I can barely be bothered with Build Mode on PC, and I definitely don't care to fiddle with it on console. So I was disappointed to discover that I couldn't just download a cool house from the Gallery, but was stuck having to make one of my own. (Heaven forbid!)

Luckily, the Sims 4 console team is on the case. Michael Duke (@SimGuruDuke) recently confirmed on Twitter that the console team is working on it.

No word yet on when the Gallery will launch on console, or how cross-platform it will be. Duke indicated that they are hoping to make the Gallery fully cross-platform, with Xbox, PS4, and PC players all being able to share their creations. But given the tricky politics of cross-platform builds, this may not be possible. Only time will tell.


Image courtesy Flickr/Mack Male