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Sims 4 Pets rumors dismissed as fake

Officially denied

 As you may have recently read, a Slovakian retailer stirred up the Sims 4 community by posting a pre-order listing for The Sims4: Pets. The listing was quickly removed, but the rumor mill had already churned up into overdrive. Was this finally the confirmation so many of us have been waiting for? And the release date of November 2017 - that's practically around the corner!

Over the weekend, Sims 4 producer SimGuruGraham took to Twitter to officially debunk the image which was attached to the listings.

"One easy trick to spot a fake render... are the Sims wearing a bunch of old clothes? Then it's fake! #scammershatehim"

But this raises as many questions as it answers. Would a retailer really go to all the trouble to create a fake render for their listing? How would they do it? And why? What's the motivation, there?

Personally, I still think the rumors are true and Pets is coming out in November. You'll note that SimGuruGraham dismissed the render - not the rumor! Even if the render was fake, that doesn't mean Pets isn't on the way.


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