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Sims 4 wishlist: More challenges

Give us some real risk!
I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping that The Sims 4 will pose more challenges to advanced players than Sims 3 did. Managing the moods will be amazing, and the Sims games are always challenging. But I feel like Sims 3 played softball in a lot of areas when more experienced players would want the option of tackling a difficult situation.
Exploring tombs in World Adventures is a great example of this. I had high hopes for tomb exploration, but it turned out to be kinda limp. All you have to do is wave your mouse cursor over things to see what you can click, and solve some extremely basic puzzles.
Granted your Sims don't have weapons and can't kill things, so it can't be a true dungeon crawler. But I would have liked more enemies that you had to figure out how to defeat. Threats that you can't just teleport past. And puzzles that are actually a challenge to solve.
Quest chains are another example. The only even remotely difficult quest chains are those involving Pangu's Axe and getting the Omni Plant. And even those aren't really difficult, they just take patience and stick-to-it-ive-ness on the part of the gamer. How about quest chains that are possible to fail out of? Quest chains which, if you do it wrong, your Sim dies or loses a lot of money.
Basically, I want the option to add risk into the game. Sims 3 felt very safe, with even the random deaths (like Meteor Strike) giving you ample time to get out of the way if you didn't want your Sim to be killed. Even short of death, there are other ways the game could involve more risk. Your Sim could risk money, property, or relationships. Give us something meaty we can really sink our teeth into!

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I know its a old post but i totally agree atm ive tried the legacy challenge, its kinda fun at the start but still it seems kinda easy after a while, ive tried the random traits plus the legacy it was more challenging but still, i would like a real hardcore mode in sims4 like you dont earn as much money from work, its harder to get resourcers to get promotions you need to really work your ass off and struggle everyday, i want it to be hard to play the game

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