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Unlocking hidden lots in The Sims 4

So cool!

 You guys I had NO IDEA that each world in The Sims 4 has a hidden lot! I was browsing the SimsVIP site, clicking on stuff at random, and came across this article on how to unlock each of the hidden lots.

In order to get to each lot, you have to go through a whole secret routine. For example, in order to access the hidden lot in Willow Creek, you basically have to make best friends with a particular tree. 

Some of the secret lots seem a bit more tedious to enter than others. But once you unlock it, you will have access to a bunch of secret collectibles that can only be found on these secret lots. In addition, each secret lot has a collectible fish that can ONLY be caught on that lot.

One of my favorite secret lot entrances is in Oasis Springs. To get to it, you need to have a Sim with level 10 Handiness skill. They will need to break through the barrier to the Abandoned Mine Cave. 

Eagle-eyed Sims players will recognize this cave as being one of the decorative features from The Sims 3. Back then, you could peer in and just barely spot a pair of eyes peering back at you. Now you can actually rip off those boards and enter! I always wanted to do that - and now I can!


Image copyright EA/The Sims

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