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What Could Be In Store For The Sims 4?

Idle speculation: GO!


We have pretty solid information that the developers at EA have started working on The Sims 4. Although it will most likely be a long while (perhaps several years) before the game hits the shelves, there is still plenty to talk about in the mean time.
A two minute promo (really more of a demo real) for Sims 4 was leaked a few months ago. It seems to be legit, and in fact EA has had it taken down from YouTube - but it still exists here and there on various fan sites. 
My first thought on seeing the promo was, "I'm going to need a better computer." Which is both funny and sad, because the entire reason I bought this computer - this one right here that I'm using to write this article - was because I needed a better computer so that I could play The Sims 3. Can it be time to buy a new computer already? (All signs point to "Yes." My current computer has to stop to render things when I switch to a new lot. I shudder to think what would happen if it tried to churn through all the animations showed in the video.)

Most of what the promo shows seems to be a vastly improved set of camera controls. The camera pans and swoops and - gasp! - it changes focus! Could "depth of field" finally be coming to the Sims franchise? It may not seem like much to many players, but for the creators of Sims blogs and fan vids, this would truly be revolutionary.
Here's my wish for The Sims 4: I want it to truly feature a buildable world. Imagine a map that doesn't end, but lets you keep building out roads and lots to your heart's content. It would truly be the best combination of the Sims and SimCity franchises. 
One of the few real downfalls to The Sims 3 is the small size of the towns (or worlds, depending on the context). It's frustrating to have to choose which buildings to place, because there are so few empty lots - or places where you can add a new empty lot. Being freed of that restriction would be heavenly!
The promo also teases at the possibility of having real apartment buildings. Multi-story dwellings where each floor is usable, imagine that! The Late Night expansion pack brought us semi-apartment buildings, 40 story urban skyscrapers which contain 2 or 3 apartments at most. Imagine being able to fill the ENTIRE BUILDING with apartments and Sims! Imagine having a town with hundreds, maybe thousands of potentially controllable Sims on your map!
(Imagine buying a new graphics card, or two, or three.)
Here, EA. Just take my wallet now.

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