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Where do you stand in "The Great Sims 4 Laundry Fight"?

Are you for laundry, or against it?

 A recent EA poll about the next Sims 4 Stuff Pack has the Sims player community in an uproar. EA asked players to sort a series of features by their priority, and the next thing you know, everyone was furious.

It all comes down to laundry.

Laundry was a feature which was introduced about halfway through The Sims 3. Your Sim could buy a hamper, a clothes washer, and a dryer. Dirty clothes ideally went in the hamper, although your Sim was just as likely to leave them lying around in piles on the floor. (Just like real life!)

The clothes washer sometimes overflowed with suds, which was funny. Both the washer and the dryer could fail and require repair. Sims who wore clean clothes got a positive buff from it. 

Overall, it was a fairly rich set of content, for such a small update. Lots of players enjoyed it. But many players felt that it was boring, and introduced an unwanted level of chores to their household.

The community is divided now along laundry-related lines. Laundry won the poll by a long shot, which has caused many players to cry foul. I guess it's easier to believe that EA rigged the results, than that so many players like doing Sim Laundry!


Image courtesy Flickr/Mindsay Mohan

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