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Which is the best Sims expansion pack?

What's your favorite?

 I love this article in PC Gamer, breaking down the author's favorite Sims expansion packs. (And can you believe the Sims series turns 18 this year? It's old enough to vote!)

I definitely agree that The Sims 4 City Living expansion is one of the series' bests, if not the best. 

Previous expansions gave us an urban setting, but they were never very satisfying. You couldn't really do anything in the city, and apartments didn't exactly work very well. There were some lounges, sure, but everything closed early, and the city ended up feeling like a ghost town. 

The Sims 4 City Living feature of rotating festivals really does bring the city to life, and there are always lots of people around to mock your attempts at karaoke.

What's your favorite Sims expansion pack of all time?


Image copyright EA/The Sims 4