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You won't be able to directly control your pet in Sims 4 Dogs & Cats

Interesting development...

 One problem with continually remaking the same content is that people will naturally compare it to the previous versions. In The Sims 2, you could not control your pets - you could only click on them and tell them to do things. In The Sims 3, you could control your pets - you could play them just as you would a regular Sim.

According to a new article on the Sims 4 website, whether or not players would be able to control their pets was a huge (and heated) discussion that took place in the early development stages. In the end, they decided that it would be better (their spin on it) if you couldn't control your pets directly.

"When we made this decision, it fundamentally opened up things we could do with cats and dogs that we can’t do with Sims even!"

I predict that this will ignite Yet Another Firestorm among the Sims community. (And EA/Maxis clearly feels the same way, otherwise they would not have had Grant Rodiek write his article.) 

Personally I'm not going to judge the expansion pack before I have a chance to play it. I continue to be bummed out that the game keeps releasing the same content it's had in the past... when will they stop reworking old content, and give us some substantially new content for our Sims? Given that the simulated world represents limitless possibilities, why do the same old ones keep turning up again and again?


Image copyright EA/The Sims

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