How to handle a lot of toddlers in The Sims 4

So many temper tantrums!

 I recently adopted six babies on a whim, and boy has this been a whirlwind. I did it for an Xbox achievement, and I assumed that Sim Child Protective Services would soon arrive to take away all my "extra" babies. But no - my Sims have been able to care for their babies just well enough to avoid having them taken away by Sim CPS. More's the pity.

Sims 4 console team working to add the Gallery

Hurry up please!

 One of the first things I noticed about The Sims 4 on console is that the game launched without access to the Gallery. This was a real shame, because the Gallery allows you to share your creations (both Sims and houses) with the world, browse other people's creations, and serves as an ad hoc save system if you want to put your home or family in "the cloud" for safekeeping.

How to handle a lot of babies in The Sims 4

So much crying!

 This week I decided to go for the most difficult way to get the Sims 4 Xbox achievement for having 8 people in the same house: have two adults adopt five babies.

If you want the achievement, all you have to do is adopt the babies. They cost $1000 each in adoption fees, and there is no "cool-down period" in between adoptions. You can adopt one after the other, and as soon as the final adoption is completed, the achievement will pop. After that, who cares?

Everything you need to know about the Sims 4 wedding cake

Tying the knot? Read this!

Are you baffled by the whole "wedding cake" situation in The Sims 4? It used to be so straightforward - you bought the cake, deployed the cake, then instructed your Sims to cut the cake. But in The Sims 4, it's a little more complicated.

First and foremost: You have to bake the cake yourself. (Well, one of your Sims has to bake it.)

New Sims 4 update brings wider range of skin tones and curly hair

More options for your Sims!

 The Sims 4 has been criticized for lacking skin tone and hair options for black Sims, compared to white and medium-toned Sims. This latest update addresses those concerns, with 10 new skin tones, along with cool and warm undertones which you can add to your Sims.

The update also includes a new curly hair, which is a welcome addition for black Sims who have been stuck with either an afro, a fade, or "I give up, I'm going to pretend she got a weave."


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