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Another great item from the Supernatural expansion pack
There are so many great items that come with Supernatural, I am trying to work through them one at a time. The first thing I tried out was the jelly bean bush, because doesn't that sound great? Being able to pick fresh, delicious jelly beans whenever you want?
Maybe not with THIS bush! The Supernatural jelly bean bush packs quite a punch.
This little potted shrub can be found in Buy Mode, under Décor -> Plants. It costs $575. Unlike a regular garden plant, the jelly bean bush does not seem to require any watering or tending, and it produces jelly beans immediately. You can also find a jelly bean bush behind the Alchemy store in Moonlight Falls (or if you have placed the Alchemy store in your town).
Every time your Sim eats a jelly bean, something different happens. The first jelly bean my Sim tried was awesome: it topped up all of his needs and gave him a positive moodlet. Not bad!
Other jelly beans have been… less helpful. One jelly bean gave him a negative moodlet and reduced his Hunger and Bladder motives to dark orange. Another one caused him to shoot steam from his ears and breathe fire, and gave him a negative moodlet for "Too Spicy!" Yet another jelly bean turned my Sim blue, Willy Wonka style, for about 12 hours.
Despite these dire experiences, my Sim has been lucky so far! There is a death associated with the jelly bean bush. It seems to be a rare death, since I have not found anyone online who has experienced it yet, and I know a lot of new Supernatural players are out there making their Sims eat jelly beans!
A ghost who dies of a jelly bean related fatality is purple with bright blue highlights. I suppose it should be some comfort that if you die from eating a jelly bean, you end up with a very pretty ghost.
Sims will occasionally autonomously eat a jelly bean. If you are worried about your Sim eating a bean and dying by accident, you will want to lock the jelly bean plant in a room, or build a small fence around it. (You know Sims… a velvet rope represents an impenetrable barrier!)
Note: if your jelly bean bush is left unprotected during a full moon, zombies may try to eat it. However, in the one zombie assault I have experienced so far, the jelly bean bush was unharmed. The zombies snacked on it many times, but the plant did not die. 

Screenshot copyright EA/The Sims 3


HeatherNxx92's picture


So my sim is a vampire, and the first bean she ate gave her the "very hungry" moodlet. I CANNOT get this moodlet to go away, and she isn't hungry because she drinks plasma juice. help please?

xMuffinHug's picture


I feel ya. My fairy ate one of those jelly beans and she died because she had gotten scorched by eating a jelly bean. That was her 2nd sim day life. My advice to you: control shift c, enter resetsim [simfirstname] [simlastname] it should work

Anonymous's picture


type testingcheatsenabled true, into the cheat box (ctrl+shift+c) then hold control and click the moodlet, it'll disappear. its also useful for mummy curses if you can't get the cure in time

Jacko's picture


I got the death by jelly beans on my first day of messing with them ): What happened first was my sim turned blue, then I tried another jelly bean and she died. I think you need to already be blue or something from the jelly bean bush to die from it, similar to how you can only die of electrocution if you're already covered in ash all over. I could be wrong though, that's just my experience. I could've randomly gotten two bad results in a row.

Interesting data, thanks! I'll have to try that!

Anonymous's picture


its not true, my girl ate her first jellybean ever then died instantly :( good thing i'd recently saved though

Anon's picture


I ate some, and whenever a bad moodlet came up I would just press control, click on it and it would go... Then my sim turned BLUE!! And she wouldnt turn back so I deleted her, what should I do if this happens again?

I think the blue disappears after 12-24 hours, the same as if they get dyed due to a shower prank. If you go a full 24 hours without the blue changing, then you can try using testingcheatsenabled true, shift click on your Sim, and use "Edit this Sim in Create A Sim." From there I believe you will be able to change her skin color.

Anon's picture


I think that eating a jelly and dying is from eating a poisoned jelly bean or something.

Kit Candy's picture

Kit Candy

I have a fairy and she ate a jelly bean plant on her 5th time and she turned into a human what should I do

Naomi Fox's picture

Naomi Fox

The jelly bean deaths are not as rare as you would think. I have had many sims, including guests at a party, die from a jelly bean

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