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Freeplay lets you back up your game to the cloud - if you can figure out how!


The biggest frustration with trying to play Sims Freeplay on an iPad is just figuring out how things work. There appears to be one single (poorly spaced) help document that - as is so often the case - isn't nearly helpful enough.
One project I recently undertook was to figure out the deal with the little cloud icon. If you go to the main menu (click the three white dots on a green background at the bottom center of your screen), the middle right-hand option is a cloud. Why? What is the cloud for?

After experimenting, I discovered that this button actually backs up your information not to "the cloud" or to iCloud (as you might reasonably expect). Instead, it backs up your game to your Facebook account. How it does this, I have absolutely no idea. Why it does this, I have even less idea. 
I suspect that your game data is actually being stored on EA's servers, but that it uses access through your Facebook account to pull the information. I'm sure this seemed like a good idea to someone at the time.
It's nice to have the ability to back up your game. (You cannot, for example, back up your Sims Social game.) However, it turns out that your backup will only be good for seven days.
This means that either you need to back up your game once a week, or just give up the idea of backing your game up at all. It's clear that this functionality is meant more as a way to port your Sims Freeplay game to another device. For example, you could use this to move your game if you buy a new iPad, or if you want to switch from your iPhone to your iPad and back. 
ICloud can back up "most data on your iPad," including apps that you have purchased. But will it back up your gameplay data? Does the gameplay data even "live" on your iPad, or is it stored remotely, either on your Facebook account or on EA's servers? I must admit, I have not been able to find the answer to these questions.
If you value your Sims Freeplay game, I think your best option is to set yourself a calendar reminder to back up your game once a week. Every Sunday night, for example, or every Friday morning - whatever day and time you think you will be likely to remember easily.


Rick sowe's picture

Rick sowe

Is there a way to change your settings so that you have more time to upload before it times out?'s picture


I have been trying for over a month to backup my progress from sims free play on my iPad. But it keeps telling me unable to connect. I am logged onto Facebook. But it will let me backup my progress on my iPhone. Please someone help I need to transfer on my iPad also.

Msbowlegs1's picture


I have been Just started having problems with my iPod, iPad, and Xyboard (android tablet), as of two days ago I have not been able to cloud my progress to Facebook. We need answers, I have a lot to loose

Tasheesha 's picture


Hi Msbowlegs!!
I'm sorry I don't have the answer to yr question, I have the same problem although I am tryin to connect my game to another device!!
My question to you is...Did you manage to solve your problem & if so, how? I am soooo

Janna's picture


Same here!! I have entered by facebook and game centre login details correctly!!!, but it keep saying a Facebook login is required to access this feature.
Awesome Game, Shit in backup model.

ALX's picture


I log in to my FB account but each time it still says an account is needed. Anyone know how to fix this?

Angela 's picture


I'm glad I'm not the only one who's facebook backup isn't working. But it sucks to know that so many people are having this issue and no one has found a solution

Anonymous's picture


I upload. "Successful upload". Switch to different device. Download. "No uploaded data." The hell?

Olivia's picture


it seems like a lot of people are having problems uploading to the cloud, me being one of them. after hours of trying I was able to do it AFTER DISABLING MY GAME CENTER ACCOUNT FROM THE SIMS FREEPLAY. that was all i had to do, and it worked instantly. to disable your game center account from the sims freeplay follow the instruction:
open the app
go to the cloud
(you should have a facebook and game center account come up)
tap on your game center account
choose disable when under the game center
Now instantly a new box will appear asking if you wish to upload your account!!
hope this helped!!! (:

Chiara's picture


Thank youuuuuu!!! It's finally working!!! I managed to back up my data!!!! Hoe this trick 's gonna last!!! ;)

Lexi's picture


Thank you so so so much and god bless you happy holidays

Socs's picture


Thanks Olivia! I have been searching everywhere and have tried lots of different fixes that failed to fix.

You method was heaps easier and worked.


Beans's picture


Thanks so much I followed ur instructions to disable game center account

Noracorahee's picture


Thank you SO MUCH olivia

Renfield Eight's picture

Renfield Eight

I had no problems signing into Facebook on my Kindle Fire (I know... different OS), but I quite the SIMS freeplay game, to play another game. After starting the game again, I can backup to the cloud. Hope it works for you.

MissyLynn's picture


I uploaded my storage on my galaxy s3 now I'm trying to download it to my iPad... It won't work... It keeps telling me no storage .. I tried what Olivia said but it didn't work for me

Mia's picture


I am using an iPod touch and want to save my game to transfer over to my Iphone, but it won't let me use iCloud until I sign in on facebook! I've tried that and the page just goes back onto Sims or closes altogether! Hope that makes sense please help!!

Eliza's picture


Disabling GameCenter works! THANK YOU SO MUCH. :)

Debora Mbanga's picture

Debora Mbanga

Goodnews- IT WORKS!!! (Olivia)
Badnews- if I looked at this earlier, I still would've had my sims :((

recellcellular.c0m's picture


I own a Galaxy S3 is this game playable for this mobile phone and if it is able can you please send me a link where i can download it for my phone? thank!

Anonymous's picture


I tried disabling game center and that worked but it still wouldn't get me get in :( please help I dont want to delete and start over...

anonymous's picture


I re started my game and now I carnt find my cloud data please help!

ingrid's picture


I have anew tablet and want to download my saved data but it can't connect to the cloud. I read previous suggestions and looked for game centre in order to disable but only get the Facebook option. So frustrating as I.bought the tablet especially to play the sims. Any suggestionso please...???

XZ03's picture


I made the mistake of pressing the wrong button. I redownloaded the sims to my phone and was going to download my save progress but pressed upload. Now the only save progress I have is level 1. I don't know what to do!

Simlover's picture


I badly want to deleted sims freeplay but i'm afraid of losing the data to it. I save it on the cloud a couple of times and have facebook and the google play as backup. I don't want to delete the data and not lose it once I reinstalled back on. I love sims freeplay

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