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Why is the service so slow?

 I recently picked up the Dine Out game pack on sale, and I spent the weekend trying to run a restaurant. I have a family that's struggling financially, so my thought was that they should start a new restaurant as the family business, and use it to dig themselves out of debt. 

But it turns out that, just like in real life, restaurants are a HUGE cash sink. The first thing I had to do was use the "kaching" cheat to give my family $5000 to transfer to the restaurant just to build it. (I am planning to delete the money from the family later, and pretend that it was a small business loan.)

I built a restaurant called the Bare Minimum. It has tables and chairs, a glass-walled toilet, a chef station, a host station, and a wait station - all on bare gravel. This plus hiring staff ate up most of the initial $5000, and we ran at a deficit for several days.

As the owner, your job is to greet everyone, check on their table, and offer to comp stuff if patrons are unhappy. And they WILL be unhappy, largely because it takes a crazy long time for the chef to get food out to their table. The solution to that is to hire a second chef, but you need to earn enough points to unlock the slot, and then you need to drop another $3000 on a second chef station.

I finally got my restaurant to the point where it was doing well, and then my chef up and died of old age, right in the middle of dinner service. Not only do I have to hire a new chef, but I had to close the restaurant early (thus lost out on a lot of income) and got a bunch of bad reviews because her death bummed out the patrons. 

This expansion pack is a real challenge!


Image copyright EA/The Sims 4


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