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Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack coming soon

New family-oriented expansion pack

 The new Parenthood game pack will be released on May 30th. (For those not in the know, game packs are smaller than expansion packs, but bigger than stuff packs.) It brings with it a ton of new family-oriented content, including new skills and traits, new interactions, and new object.

Toddlers will be able to behave even worse than they currently do, with the ability to bite their siblings. But parents can also teach toddlers manners - like not burping and farting - in order to earn the toddlers helpful Traits. Toddlers who aren't trained by their parents in these ways will earn negative Traits, which will affect their adult lives.

Adult Sims will get a new Parenting skill, which they can level up and unlock new interactions with their kids. Parents can also help their kids with new school projects which the kids will bring home. These projects will become permanent fixtures in your home, and include an active volcano and a backyard rocket.


Image copyright EA/Maxis


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