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Sims Freeplay: Marriage and Babies

Getting to the proposal is basically a matter of spamming your beloved with Romantic interactions.


Lucky me, it turns out that I coincidentally began playing The Sims Freeplay right after they implemented a huge update: on March 17, EA rolled out an update which allowed your Freeplay Sims to get married and have babies.
It's not easy, though!
The first thing is, you need to have a player level of 10 or above. You can check your level on the bar at the top of the screen. If you are still in the single digits, then you will need to work on collecting XP in order to level up. 
XP is the only way to increase your player level. You collect XP from almost any action, small or large. One of the best ways I have found to get XP so far is to buy a skill item for $1,000 and set a Sim to work. The skill items only drop XP, not Simoleons. 
These objects have the additional benefit of boosting your Sim's career level, assuming you have coordinated the object with the career. For example, a Sim on the Artist career track should work at a painting easel. A Sim who works at the Science Center should use a telescope, and so forth. You can find the appropriate item for your Sim by expanding the bottom left-hand roll-out Employment menu.
As in The Sims 3, getting to the proposal is basically a matter of spamming your beloved with Romantic interactions. Except that in this case, you only get three choices. Luckily, other Sims never seem to get bored with your advances. Mix it up with some Friendly and Funny actions, just to keep that relationship up. Once their relationship is high enough, you will get the option to "Propose Marriage."
Here's a tricky thing: you have to buy a ring. The better the ring, the more likely your beloved will accept your proposal. If they refuse your proposal, you're out the money for the ring. Bummer!
Once your Sims are married, having a baby is simply a matter of buying a baby crib. Click on the crib in order to receive a delivery from the Stork Network. Woo hoo is not involved!
Have you been able to get your Sims married? Have you had babies yet? Can same-sex couples get married in this game? Can they have babies? This will be my next experiment, I am very curious to see how they handle the situation!


Liana's picture


Yes same sex couples can get married and have babies. I have 2 men married to each other with a baby.

It's part of the eternal mystery that is the Sims franchise! In Sims 2 and Sims 3, men can get pregnant from Woo Hoo with aliens. They give birth the same way female Sims do: by spinning in a circle with lots of sparkles. Pretty much the same as real life, in other words.

Lillian 's picture


Well u have to be level ten or up cause you have to have the option to be romantic to eachother

Simplayer12333's picture


Wait, I'm sort of confused that all of your are saying you have to be at level 10 to have a couple. I'm at level 8 and I have 2 married couples.

kitkat21's picture


You don't have to be a certain level you just have to complete the marriage mission. I just got to level 10 and I've had two married couples (one gay one straight for several levels)

Emerald's picture



You have to be level 10 in order to unlock the Children's Store which will buy you a crib which will buy you a baby.

wolfie's picture


i totallyagree with u u can get married before level 10 but u have to wait untill level 10 to have a baby

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