February 2009

Sims 2: The Penguin

When you install the Sims 2 Seasons expansion packs, one of the random bits of silliness that comes with it is the penguin. Typically, your Sims have only two actions for the penguin: greet, or shoo. Although occasionally your Sim will have the option to "talk to" the Penguin. I have only had this happen once, but it was pretty funny! PENGUINS LIKE FISH (Duh!) If your Sims are into fishing, you can take one of their catches out of their inventory and either set it on the floor, or mount it on the wall. The penguin will eat a fish which has been left on the floor. It will attempt to eat a fish which is mounted on the wall. It's pretty funny to watch the penguin try to reach a fish mounted on the wall - it will hop up and down, and flap its little wings. Some people have reported that if you feed the penguin a lot of fish, it will leave pee puddles all over your house.

Sims 2: Sparkly Food

The first time my Sims sat down to a dinner of sparkling food, I didn't think anything of it. They were eating a dish of blackened Cajun catfish, and I thought it was just a sparkling dish. With the Cajun spices and all. I took note, but didn't bother to snap a picture. The next night, they sat down to eat a dish of sparkly macaroni and cheese. This time, I sat up and took notice. Macaroni and cheese does not sparkle. I knew this for a fact, deep in my bones. Sparkly food can be confusing to the new player, because it occurs at a great remove from its root cause: the installation of the Seasons expansion pack. With Seasons, your Sims have the opportunity to garden and go fishing.

Sims 2 Parrots

If you have the Pets expansion pack for The Sims 2, parrots are one of the available options. Frankly, I recommend them. It's fun to have a dog or cat, but if you're running a busy family, it can be challenging to keep up with the mammal pets too. To get a parrot, go to the Pets menu in Buy Mode, and buy a cage. Put the cage in your Sims' house, then click on the cage and choose "stock cage." You have the choice of six different birds, five of which are parrots. (I believe the sixth is a falcon, but I'm not 100% sure about that.) Your Sims can teach your parrot to talk. I haven't yet determined whether the parrot's future conversations are based on the interests of the Sim who taught them to talk, or the Sim to whom they are speaking at the moment. Meet Cupcake. Cupcake enjoys talking about finances and the environment.

Once your parrot learns to talk, you can command your Sims to talk to the parrot. This is great because it fulfils their Social and Fun needs, while boosting their Charisma stats.

Sims 3 Release Date Officially Pushed Back

In a move which surprised no one, EA has <a href="http://thesims3.ea.com/view/pages/newsItem.jsp?item=1183392783">officially pushed back the Sims 3 release date to June 2</a>. The push-back on the Sims 3 release date came in conjunction with a series of published delays in the release dates of several other EA games.  Network World called the flurry of announced delays "puzzling," particularly since at least one of the games delayed (The Godfather II) was, by all accounts, almost completely finished. Coincidentally, EA dropped the news on the release date delays hot on the heels of the press conference call in which reported "disappointing" results for third quarter profits, and "announced plans to chop its workforce by 11%, or 1,100 people, while closing 12 facilities."  Many people, including <a href="http://ablegamers.com/general-news/417-sad-day-for-ea.html">Steve Spohn of Able Gamers</a>, are speculating that EA is deliberately pushing back its release date in the hopes that the economy - and consumers' willingness to spend money on video games - will have improved by then. Rumors of bugs in the game and problems in Developer Land have been rampant e