April 2009

Sims 2: Inventory, Your Secret Friend!

Over the weekend, I decided that my generational challenge family (we're up to the letter G) would lose all their money in the stock market, move out of their ancestral home, and start over. Of course, I wanted them to take a few items with them when their house went into foreclosure and they had to leave. Specifically, I wanted them to keep the Cow Plant (because I'm basically making Makoto immortal) and their collection of family photobooth portraits, one of each generational couple. As you probably know by now, when you move a family out of a home, all of their possessions are sold. This means that all of the contents of the home are deleted, and their cash equivalent added to your family's net worth. If you pop back into the home after the family has moved out, you will see that it has been stripped bare of everything that is found outside the Construction panel (e.g.

Sims 2 Toddlers: The "Big Three"

When you have a Sim in the toddler stage, it's easy to put them into platinum mode. And you want to do this, because the math on their lifetime aspiration score is far more favorable than it is for adult Sims. This means that a few simple actions can quickly boost your toddler Sim's lifetime aspiration and get them a great head start in life. The "big three" are Potty Training, Learn to Walk, and Learn to Talk. Obviously, your toddler will need the assistance of an adult for these. To potty train your toddler, you will need to switch to Buy mode and purchase a toddler potty chair. Then switch over to an adult Sim, click on the potty chair, and choose "Potty train _____." To teach a toddler how to walk or talk, while you are controlling an adult Sim, click on the Toddler and choose "Teach ____ how to walk" or "Teach _____ how to talk." In order to decide which of the big three to work on at any given moment, I switch over to the toddler Sim. At any given time, a toddler Sim is likely to have one of the big three in their Wants panel.

Sims 2 Strategy: University

The Sims 2 expansion pack University is probably the least fun of all the expansion packs, but the most useful. When you send a Sim to college, their "job" (i.e. class time) only takes 2 hours per day. After that, they need to raise their grades by doing homework, which only takes about an hour a day at most. University gives your Sims three benefits: 1. An uninterrupted stretch of time to boost their skills, make friends, and just live. University essentially adds about 20 Sim days (loosely corresponding to real world years) to your Sim's lifespan. 2. Sims who graduate from college are granted a total of six Wants slots, and the ability to right-click and save up to two Wants or Fears. Those two extra Wants slots can make a huge difference in your Sim's happiness once they return to their neighborhood lot. Out of six Wants, the odds are good that at least one of them will be one that you can fulfill quickly. 3. At a certain point in their education, you can change your Sim's Aspiration (from Romance to Knowledge, for example). Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, the University years can be very dull indeed.