May 2009

The Sims 3 Has Gone Gold!

EA recently announced that The Sims 3 has "gone gold," which means that a finalized version of the game has been sent off to be manufactured.  This is reassuring news for those of us who have endured endless delays with other Will Wright games (like Spore, which won Wired's Vaporware of the Year award for 2008).

All signs point to June 2nd as being the day when The Sims 3 will finally drop in stores.  Personally, I'm astonished that the game's release date was only pushed back once.  (It was originally scheduled to be released last November.)

Word on the street is that the wise Sims buyer will purchase the core package, and not the "Collector's Edition."  For an extra $20, the Collector's Edition includes a plumbob USB thumb drive.  Which sounds spiffy (the plumbob is the twirling color-coded status gem that hovers above your Sim's head).  But not exactly twenty dollars worth of "spiffy."