July 2009

Who Is Lord Sponge? Lord Sponge's Identity Revealed

A little while ago I was browsing through the Sims Store, and I noticed several free Lord Sponge items.  (These items are free for you to purchase, but not free for your Sims to buy.)   There are four Lord Sponge items that I was able to find.  A small tabletop sculpture, a larger floor sculpture, a computer, and a series of white t-shirts with Lord Sponge emblazoned upon them. 

Here is a picture of the three Lord Sponge items in action:

Many people theorize that Lord Sponge is actually a Spongebob rip-off, which certainly seems plausible.  However, a commenter on a SimPrograms.com post claimed that Lord Sponge is the mascot of nasza-klasa.pl, which is a Polish social networking site.  This turns out to be true,


I did the move objects cheat thingy and my sims stopped moving even after i press the play button. i stopped the move objects, i restarted the game, heck i restarted my computor and it still isn't doing anything. please someone help me. i'm running out of options.

Changes to Build Mode in Sims 3

EA made a lot of changes to Build Mode for Sims 3.  The first obvious change was to move items out of the square button based menu, and give you a collection of graphics to click on.  This is a little annoying, since it doesn't add anything to the user experience.  Beyond having to learn where everything has gone, of course!

If you mouse over the graphic menu, you might notice that Build Mode now has a "Foundations and Decks" sub-menu.  This lets you build actual foundations (key for creating a realistic mobile home or castle) and decks (no more having to slap wood panel flooring in the yard and call it a "deck"!).

Where do the books go? And the benefits of Handiness

First, a correction to my last post.  I discovered that skill books don't disappear once your Sim has read them, although it can seem that way.  When your Sim finishes reading a book, it goes into their personal backpack (the panel formerly known as Inventory).  So it LOOKS like it disappears, but it's there, honest! 

This is one of the things I grapple with, after having played Sims 2 for so long.  Unlike Sims 2, where the inventory was almost completely under your control, your Sims stick things into their own backpack fairly often.  Pretty much anything they pick up could end up in their backpack. 

Sims 3 Economics

In the first Sims game, it was hard to make money.  I remember sending my Sims to work, day after day, saving up to buy the best hot tub.  Remodels also required many Sim days - sometimes weeks - of saving in order to finance.  For Sims 2, Maxis changed the economics so that it became ridiculously easy to accumulate vast amounts of Sim wealth.