August 2009

World Adventure A Break From Conventional Sims Expansion Packs

I've been reading a lot about the upcoming World Adventure expansion pack for The Sims 3, which is scheduled to be released this November.  (Just in time to ignore your family for the holidays!)  One thing that strikes me, based on the detailed information which has been posted to the Sims Wiki, is that it includes several actual mini-games.

In general, the Sims franchise has shied away from traditional games, with objectives and rules and such.  After all, the Sims games are the ultimate sandbox, and why try to pretend differently?  Of course, a kind of "mini-game" has been embedded into each of the Sims games, where certain families have backstories and predilections programmed in by the developers, with a bit of teaser introductory text.  I found one of these recently when one of my Sims married Gerry Lessen.  

Sims 3 Weddings: Let's Get Your Sims Married!

I had the hardest time getting my Sims to marry in Sims 3!  I knew that it was POSSIBLE for Sims to get married.  I hear people talking about their married Sims all the time!  Well a friend clued me in, and it turns out that it just requires a little more patience and better timing.


I have two families that I'm playing.  In both cases the couples have moved in with each other and had babies, but I still wasn't getting the "get married" menu option.  Why wouldn't my Sims get married?

Back in Sims 1 and Sims 2, once your relationship had hit the "marrying" point, you pretty much had the "get engaged" menu option available all the time.  Once you crossed that threshold, your Sims could propose at will.  

In Sims 3, the marriage options are a little more elusive!  If you want your Sims to marry, the first thing you need to do is get their relationship high enough, obviously.  Once that happens (for example, if you have successfully had them "Woo Hoo" or "Try For Baby") you will need to set aside some time (for them) and patience (for yourself).

Life Stages in The Sims 3

I confess to being a bit baffled by the different life stages in The Sims 3.  In the Sims 2 base game you had six life stages: baby, toddler, child, teen, adult, and elder.  Then of course the University expansion pack came along and added "young adult," to cover the college years.

Now for some reason Sims 3 has split up the "adult" years into "young adult" and "mature adult."  Some stages also seem to pass more quickly (particularly baby, toddler, and child) while others move more slowly.  I have a Sim in one family who just celebrated her 102nd birthday, and this is with the normal (i.e. not "epic") life span!

Ghosts in The Sims 3

Ghosts have been a part of the game ever since the first Sims was released.  In The Sims, ghosts would scare your Sims until you deleted their tombstones.  (Or had your Sims sleep on the second floor, while the tombstone or urn was on the first floor.  Ghosts didn't climb stairs.)  Sims 2 introduced ghosts with increased functionality, and different colors depending on the mode of death.

Sims 3 has taken another step forward and endowed ghosts with a full personality.  If your Sim travels to the graveyard at night, he or she can interact with the ghosts, holding conversations just as they would with another (living) Sim.  Sims can even start a romance with a ghost, get married, make Woo Hoo, and have a ghost baby!