September 2009

Sims 3 Police Career

Since I have already covered Robbers, I thought it was time to talk about Cops!  The Police career gives you a surprisingly high rate of pay (compared to real world cops), some spiffy extras, and of course that nice healthy glow that comes from doing the right thing!

Success in the first half of the Law Enforcement career depends on keeping up your Athletic skill, making friends with your partner (and keeping that friendship level high), bringing up your Logic skill, and writing reports.

Reports can be a little frustrating at first.  Writing a report is a two step process: first you gather the information, then you write the report.  There are two ways to gather information: by questioning another Sim in person, or by rummaging through their garbage can.

Who Is The Mysterious Mr. Gnome?

I have been trying like the dickens to collect at least ONE Mysterious Mr. Gnome, but without any luck.  The Mysterious Mr. Gnome is not to be confused with the garden gnome which you can purchase in Buy mode.  He is only available through mysterious means.

The Mysterious Mr. Gnome moves around your property at night when no one is watching.  Even if you wall him in without a door so that he (theoretically) cannot escape, he will vanish from that spot and reappear at a location of his choosing.  Mysterious Mr. Gnome has been spotted inside refrigerators, frozen in a Russian squat dancing pose beside the stereo, pointing in horror at a Death Plant, and more.

Cooking The Recipes of The Sims 3

I have this crazy idea to cook my way through The Sims 3, starting with waffles and ending with Lobster Thermidor (if not the life giving, ghost resurrecting Ambrosia salad).  One thing that threatens to sink my plan is, how the heck do you cook waffles in a giant pan in the oven?  I have found that there is such a thing as a "waffle pan," which is a non-electric way to make waffles on the stove top.  But I haven't yet found anything that looks even remotely like what your Sims put into the oven when they make waffles.

Dastardly! The Sims 3 "Criminal" Career Path

I've been having a lot of fun playing one of my Sims who I put on the Criminal career path.  It all started back when she had her birthday to Teen, and on a whim I selected the "Kleptomaniac" trait for her.  Muahaha!  

Next thing you know, I was keeping her up at night just so that we could go out and swipe stuff.  She's on level 7 of the Criminal career path now, and still climbing!  Here's some nitty gritty information about what it takes to become a successful Criminal.

The Sims 3 Store: A Review

I think a lot of Sims players don't really know about the Sims 3 Store.  There is a lot of excitement building around the expansion pack scheduled for November, but EA has been releasing what are essentially mini stuff packs all along.

These are great for players, in that it can quickly expand your existing furniture themes.  Because EA can release them in packs as small as they like, they are free to release a lot more of them, and to take some chances on the designs.  One of the smallest sets is also one of the most experimental - the new Steampunk set, which includes five items, and costs 325 SimPoints.