October 2009

Race In The Sims 3

I was recently browsing the Sims 3 community forums, when I ran across a thread about race in The Sims 3.  The player who started the thread (Cecesaun1) says that she did so after hearing someone say that "she felt people didn't make Blacks or Asian sims."  Cecesaun goes on to invite other players to share images of their non-white Sims, and boy have they!  At this point, the thread goes on for 27 pages, and I'm sure it will go farther before it finally settles.

I remember a long time ago, when I was playing The Sims 1, noticing that all of my neighbors and NPCs (which the game creates) were non-white.  It was a little hard to tell specific ethnicities back then, but they were all distinctly tan.  

Making it Through The Sims 3 Base Game Blues

We've all been through this before.  That torturous period after you have explored all the awesome new stuff in the shiny new game, but before the first expansion pack is released.  It took seven months for the first expansion pack (Livin' Large) to be released for The Sims, and seven months again for the first expansion pack (University) to be released for The Sims 2.  By contrast, we have it good this time!  Only five months will elapse between the release of The Sims 3 base game and the first expansion pack (World Adventures, scheduled to drop on November 17th).