November 2009

Sims 3 Tech Support: Uninstalling, Reinstalling, and Backing Up Your Game

The Sims franchise has a long history of issuing patches that completely break the game.  Every patch that EA released for the Sims 3 has caused some segment of the Sims-playing population to rend their clothes in rage.  In the case of the most recent patch, it was me.

Ironically, this patch was pushed out in order to fix problems that people had with the patch before.  The "Save problem" caused people to be unable to save their games.  It also cleared out the inventories of their Sims' refrigerators and book shelves at random.  I would be furious if that happened!  

Sims 3 New Update Madness

EA pushed out a new Sims 3 patch last night, and the difference was immediately apparent to me.  As of version 1.6.6. Sims now dream when they sleep!  I noticed this right away because the first thing one of my Sims did, after I loaded it up when the patch was finished, was fall asleep.  Thought bubbles appeared over their heads. I thought, "Wait - is that new?"  

I have started making it a habit to pore over each line item in the Sims 3 patches, ever since I noticed some fairly dramatic game changes being pushed out.  For example, as we all know, your pregnant Sim

Sims 3 Ambrosia

In The Sims 2 it was so easy to be immortal!  All you needed was a Sim who went far enough with the Biology career track to earn a Cow Plant, and a disposable Sim.  (Neighbors were handy for this.)  The Cow Plant lured in its victims with what looked like a slice of tasty cake, it ate them, and then you could milk it, drink the milk, and get days knocked off your lifespan.

Things are a lot tougher in Sims 3.  However, all is not lost, because you can make Ambrosia!  It's not easy, though.  I spent the better part of this weekend trying to get to the Ambrosia making point and failing.  Here is what I learned that you need:

A Life Fruit

The Life Fruit can only be grown from seed by a gardener (in other words, you can't just buy it from the grocery store or find it around town).