December 2009

Returning to The Sims 2, A Retrospective

Last weekend I booted up my copy of The Sims 2 out of nostalgia for last June.  I was planning to buy some of the Christmas themed items from the Sims 2 store (where I still have 1,000 Sims 2 credits orphaned and apparently non-transferable to the Sims 3 store) and have a holiday blowout.  Alas it was not to be, because the Sims 2 store kept giving me an error when I tried to purchase anything.  No Santa for you Sims 2 Sims, I guess you were naughty!

The first thing that struck me was the loading screens, which were endless, and lengthy.  I remember now that I used to get a significant amount of knitting done while waiting for the Sims 2 loading screens to finish.  (And that doesn't even count the first one, really, because if you press the Escape key right after the Sims 2 logo, it skips that mini-movie.)

Christmas With The Sims

I'm a little disappointed in this holiday season with Sims 3, since there don't seem to be as many opportunities for Christmas merry-making as in previous versions.  To be sure, you can download two Christmas decoration items for free from the Sims store: "Winter Wall Wreath" and "Christmas Wall Stockings."

ETA: Of course, the MINUTE that I post this, EA puts up a bunch of free holiday decorations, including a Kwanzaa candle holder thingie and a menorah.

Sims 3 XL Display Case, and Irreversible Transfigurification

My intent was to explore the new countries in World Adventures, but I was derailed when I learned about the "Irreversible Transfigurification" feature of the XL display case.  Put simply, if you fill all eight "slots" on the display case, you can then click on it and choose the action "Irreversible Transfigurification."  It costs $500, and you will never get back the items you put on the display case, so use this option with caution!

Sims 3 World Adventures, First Impressions

I bought myself World Adventures as an early Christmas present for myself.  (I wanted to get it now, before it starts snowing. Last year I was stuck at home for seventeen days thanks to snow.)  World Adventures is basically Epcot with catacombs.  Not that there's anything wrong with that - personally, I like Epcot a lot.  

I took a brief foray to China and France, but I haven't had a chance to check out Egypt yet.  Both China and France are surprisingly rural - "downtown" is just a few blocks, and the rest of the attractions are spread out across the map.  This can be frustrating, because even with the little Vespa-like scooter (France) or the bicycle (China), it can take your Sim ages to get from the base camp (a hostel, basically) to whatever attraction you want to visit that day.