January 2010

Sims 3 Life Stages Strategy: Child

The first two stages of life, baby and toddler, are pretty strategy-free.  You feed the kids, change the kids, teach your toddlers the Big Three if you can (walk, talk, and use the potty) and hope things don't go bad enough that the social worker shows up.

Child is the first life stage where you can really do stuff.  But can you?  I was a little frustrated recently, with a character stuck in the Child stage, wondering what to do now.  

Sims 3 Dr. Pepper Promo

As you may have heard, Dr Pepper is doing a tie-in promo with EA to offer special in-game content when you enter the codes from bottle caps on their website.  They made the announcement over a week ago, and I have been eagerly examining Dr. Pepper bottles ever since then, waiting to find an EA bottle.

I finally found one yesterday at the little store here in town.  Although they carry several Dr. Pepper varieties, only the Diet Dr. Pepper had been replenished with the EA version.  Which is good, because that's the only one I can bring myself to drink.  (Have you seen the calories in a bottle of Dr. Pepper lately?  Whoa!)

Sims 3 Create A World

The Sims 3 team has released their Create A World tool, which was originally created for their in-house use in developing the various neighborhood/worlds.  I finally had some time to check it out over the weekend.  I'll be honest with you, I couldn't make heads or tails of it.  It's not an easy tool to start with - this is definitely something for power users!  I was expecting something more like the Edit Town feature or Create A Sim tool.   Instead, Create A World is more like the custom content editor that was released for The Sims 2 (which I also was thoroughly unable to master).