May 2010

Fishing in The Sims 3

Fishing is a skill in The Sims 3, one which is greatly aided by the "Angler" trait.  There are several dozen kinds of fish which can be caught, including those which were introduced with the World Adventures expansion pack.  

Each fish has its own bait that can be used to catch it, and learning those baits is a skill in and of itself!  You can learn the baits by reading the fishing books.  Much like the recipe books, the fishing books are surprisingly expensive single-use (i.e. consumable) books which disappear after a Sim reads them.  Your Sim can also learn the bait by using something for bait, and catching something with it.  

Lifetime Rewards: Best Strategy

With The Sims 3, every time your Sim fulfills a wish, they get Lifetime Happiness points.  These also accrue as your Sim's life passes along, and in fact your Sim can rack up a fair number of Lifetime Happiness points just by playing the game.

When you click on the "treasure chest" tab to view the Lifetime Happiness tallies, you can click to open a menu of items and rewards that you can buy.  There are an awful lot, and even more were added with the World Adventures expansion pack.  Clearly, you need a strategy!

Taking and Uploading Sims 3 Video and Pics

I run into a lot of people who want to share pics and video from their games, but can't figure out how to do it!  Now admittedly, there is a feature where you can hook up your game to your EA account, and upload the images and videos to your My Page thingie on the Sims 3 website.  But this is a pretty slow and clunky process, and it isn't very useful if you want to share stuff in email or on a blog of your own.

The Sims 3 Store: Worth It?

I know there was, and continues to be, a lot of player outrage over EA's online Sims 3 store.  The line of reasoning is that we already bought the dang game, and they have already put out a stuff pack, so it's excessively money grubbing of them to try and nickel and dime us to death on the store, too.  

This is coupled with a perception that The Sims 3 shipped with far fewer items in Buy Mode than its predecessors.  There are some high profile items missing (the piano and the hot tub being the most lamented missing items).  But a lot of the difference between Sims 3 and Sims 2's Buy Mode is covered by the Custom Palette tool.