June 2010

SimBots Ahoy!

The Ambitions expansion pack introduces a new playable character, the SimBot.  There is some speculation that the SimBot is a precursor to Servo, the beloved robot from The Sims 2.  (The Sims 3 is technically a prequel to The Sims 2, and takes place about 50 years beforehand.)

There are two ways to get a SimBot.  If your Sim accumulates 40,000 Lifetime Happiness points, they can cash them in on the "My Best Friend" reward.  A SimBot will be sent out to your house, and will arrive by taxi.  Its gender and name will be pre-determined by the game.

Sims 3: LAUNDRY!

Yes, LAUNDRY!  I have daydreamed about Sim Laundry ever since the days of Sims 1.  And finally it has arrived!  And apparently my Sims love doing laundry as much as I love watching them do it, because they get the Wish to "Do Laundry" all the time.  (This wish is only fulfilled after sending one load of clothes all the way through the process to dry.)

Happy Birthday, Sims 3!

It was a year ago today that The Sims 3 shipped.  (Coincidentally, they celebrated by shipping Ambitions today.  I'm really hoping to have a chance to run out and pick up a copy at Best Buy tonight.  I'm struggling through a really gross cold, so look for the lady in the sweats with the red eyes and a wad of Kleenex in hand.)

Out of everything The Sims 3 brought to the table, I think the defining item for me has been Story Progression.  Until Sims 3, time stood still for everyone but your own Sims.  When you went to town, you would run into the same NPCs over and over again, throughout generations of your own Sims, the NPCs and townies remained unchanged.