August 2010

Firefighter, Levels 5-10

I have to admit, I really lost patience with the Firefighter career track long before my Sim got to level 10.  One problem with the way that jobs work in Sims 3 is that you can't get promoted until you go to work.  And the higher you climb the career ladder, the fewer days you work, and thus the longer it takes before you can get back in to get promoted.  

In The Sims 2, once you had all the boxes ticked so to speak, then boom: promoted.  This is how so many of us got all those great career rewards!  You max out all of your Sim's skills, make a bunch of friends, then start a new job.  Almost immediately, your Sim is promoted to level 6 or whatever, and you get the reward.  Quit that job, start another one, lather rinse repeat.

Not so with The Sims 3!

Firefighter, Levels 1-5

Firefighter is one of the last Ambitions professions for me to try out.  I was putting this one off because I had heard that it requires a lot of work on the part of the player.  

I tend not to be a very "hands on" player.  I often prefer to sit back and watch what happens.  You get a lot of really interesting, unpredictable, oddball stuff happening.  (Plus I get a lot of knitting done!  True story: I finish about one pair of hand-knit socks a month just while playing Sims 3.)

The right traits are essential to creating a successful firefighter.  I knew when my Sim was born what his destiny would be, so I raised him right - which let me choose all of his traits.  After doing a bit of research, I went with Athletic, Handy, Brave, Friendly, and Daredevil.

Games Sims Play

While you're playing your Sims, your Sims play games, too.  But not all games Sims play are equal !

Video Games

There are a whole host of ways your Sim can play video games.  And they do seem to love them!  Your most efficient option is to buy a computer, which gives you a lot more functionality for your Simoleons.  Since a computer can not only play video games, it can also be used to check real estate, find your Sim a job, write novels, and many more options.

However, the video game console gives your Sim a boost to their Social need, if they play against another Sim.  

How To Have A Sims 3 Bake Sale

Every child I've had in The Sims 3 has eventually had a wish first to buy a bake sale table, and next to earn money selling baked goods.  The first few times I attempted this, I had terrible luck!

My luck changed with a combination of finally getting the knack of it, and I think some bugs getting fixed in a patch.  I used to set my kid out at the table, only to stand there for hours on end without a single customer. 

Suddenly now when I set out the table and staff it, adult Sims come flocking.  I'm pretty sure this is something they fixed in the game, and not due to a change I made in my gameplay.

I Can't Refurbish Salvaged Items!

If you have played an inventor with the Ambitions expansion pack for very long, you may have seen them have a wish to "repair a salvaged item."  If you couldn't figure out how to do that - you're in good company!

Inventor Sims often cruise the junkyard looking for scrap and treasure.  While you're there, you may notice some seriously scruffy-looking items.  A washing machine with scorch marks, or a busted and blackened coffee table.  (Most of the broken items at the scrap yards seem to have been discarded after a fire.  Maybe you should have made a Firefighter Sim instead!)